Use Kendall and Kylie hack for making your game more enjoyable

Kendall and kylie game cheats

The game by Kendall and Kylie is pretty fun if you know just exactly what to do next in the game. And for that you need to know all the Kendall and Kylie hack. In the game you start from nobody and you aim to become a super star. However, becoming a star is not that easy and so you have to work hard throughout the game. The missions given to you will have to be completed so that you can move to the next level.

For completing the missions given you will need a lot of energy and other goodies in the game. The missions given to you will include going on dates, clicking pictures, posting videos, going to concerts and parties. The game is actually really fun. It is just like what real celebrities do in real life.

While performing the mission what you have to do is collect as many stars as possible. In order to do that you will need lots of energy. While you can purchase those with real money but if you still want to save money you can use the kendall and kylie hack. Every level in the game requires different energy. Some missions will require less amount of energy while there are some that require more. That is why what you need to do is save energy.

In every stage you have to collect as much stars and hearts as possible and try to utilize your energy for every mission. You have to keep in mind to save energy for difficult missions while doing those missions that require less energy.

Since the game is all about you doing a mission you must know that the missions given to you must be completed. Leaving a mission incomplete is not going to do any good to you in the game. Also keep in mind that every mission demands energy so you have to use your energy wisely.